Killarney is a town in southwestern Ireland.

The town grew around a nearby monastery established in 640 AD, thought the town area itself is suspected to have been a pagan religious site. In the late 15th Century, Ross Castle was built here, and the town grew around it.

Today, Killarney is a popular tourist destination, known for its gorgeous and charming country mansion Muckross House, its castle, beautiful mountains famous for attracting mountain climbers and hikers, national park, and gardens.

People Born in Killarney

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Killarney in People's Lives

Michael Fassbender: Though I was born in Germany, my family moved here when I was only 2 years old, in 1979, and I consider this town my true home. I grew up here. I served as an altar boy at my parent's church here, and attended school, where I discovered at the age of 17 my love of acting after being cast in a school play. I moved away to London in 1996, when I was 19, to pursue a career as an actor.

Victoria, Queen of England: After visiting my son Edward VII in Dublin in 1861, I spent a quiet holiday here with Albert, who was attempting to sooth me over the grief of losing my mother a few months earlier. It was the last holiday that Albert and I spent together. He would die of typhoid fever four months later.

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