Kiel is the most-populated city in the state of Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany, on the southwestern shore of the Baltic Sea. It is a major German port.

It was first settled by Viking raiders looking to set up more permanent towns, around the 11th Century, and officially founded in 1233 by Adolf IV of Holstein.

Today, Kiel is primarily known as a very heavily maritime city, known for its international sailing and boating events and competitions, including the biggest sailing event in the world, a home for Germany's navy, a site of high-end shipbuilding, oceanic transport, passenger ferries, for being the busiest port for cruise ships on the Baltic, and as the location of the busiest artificial waterway in the world, the Kiel Canal.

It is also known for its wealth and high quality of living, sporting events, and university.

People Born in Kiel

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Kiel in People's Lives

Heike Makatsch: I traveled here in 2002 to film parts of the German TV mini-series Die Affare Semmeling

Viktoria Tolstoy: I performed a concert here in 2014, with Jacob Karlzon.

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