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Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra was a Peruvian-born Spanish naval officer and navigator, a member of the viceroyalty of New Spain, or present-day Mexico.

Full Name Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra
Who explorer
Birth Date May 22, 1744
Death Date March 26, 1794
Country Spain
Born Lima, Peru
Died Mexico City, Mexico
Cause of Death seizure / brain tumor
Education Escuela Naval Militar
Father Tomas de la Bodega y Llanas
Mother Francisca de Mollinedo y Losada
Spouse n/a
Siblings six siblings
Children n/a


Bodega y Quadra found favor with Charles III of Spain, who promoted him to ship captain in 1786 and knighted him in 1788. Previously, Bodega y Quadra had frequently been passed over for promotions, or assigned to serve officers that he outranked, due to his second-class social standing as a non-Spanish-born citizen.

In 1790, Bodega y Quadra sailed to North America with Juan Vicente de Guemes, working together as colleagues on the voyage.

In Canada, Bodega y Quadra was lavish and hospitable toward "visitors," almost all of whom were fellow explorers seeking to claim lands as their own. Positioned as commander of the Canadian area of the Nootka Sound, Bodega y Quadra was eager to demonstrate to them his firm hold on the vicinity. He entertained Robert Gray, George Vancouver, and a number of others at what were reported to be exorbitantly grand dinners, followed by the generous offer to have his personal workmen provide any ship repairs necessary, free of charge.

Archibald Menzies was personal surgeon to Bodega y Quadra and his "court" at the Nootka Sound, and was recommended to George Vancouver by him.


Lima, Peru - Born here, 1744. Most likely lived here, 1744 - 1762.

Cadiz, Spain - Lived here, 1762 - 1775.

Destruction Island, Washington, USA - Landed here, 1775.

Sitka, Alaska, USA - Landed here, 1775.

San Blas, Mexico - Departed on a voyage from here, 1779 and 1783. Lived here, 1788 - 1793.

Callao, Peru - Traveled here on a failed mission, 1782.

Havana, Cuba - Lived here, 1784.

Madrid, Spain - Lived here, 1785 - 1788.

Guadalajara, Mexico - Visited here, 1793.

Mexico City, Mexico - Died here, 1794.

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