Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith was an American religious leader, and the founder of the Mormon religion and of the Latter Day Saints. He published the Book of Mormon at the age of 24, which Smith said he had found, written in ancient Egyptian, left on a hillside by an angel. He is also known for his practice of polygamy, marrying at least 50 women - many of them already wives of his followers, sisters, or even mothers and daughters, and being as young as 14.

Full Name Joseph Smith Jr.
Who religious leader
Birth Date December 23, 1805
Death Date June 27, 1844
Country United States
Born Sharon, Vermont, USA
Died Carthage, Illinois, USA
Cause of Death shot to death by mob
Education n/a
Father Joseph Smith Sr.
Mother Lucy Mack Smith

Emma Hale

Fanny Alger

Lucinda Pendleton Morgan Harris

Louisa Beaman

Zina Diantha Huntington Jacobs

Presendia Lathrop Huntington Buell

Agnes Moulton Coolbrith Smith

Sylvia Porter Sessions Lyon

Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner

Patty Bartlett Sessions

Marinda Nancy Johnson Hyde

Elizabeth Davis Brackenbury Durfee

Sally Ann Fuller

Sarah Maryetta Kingsley Howe Cleveland

Delcena Johnson Sherman

Eliza Roxcy Snow

Sarah Anne Whitney

Martha McBride Knight

Sarah Bapson

Ruth D. Vose Sayers

Flora Ann Woodworth

Emily Dow Partridge

Eliza Maria Partridge

Almera Woodward Johnson

Lucy Walker

Sarah Lawrence

Maria Lawrence

Helen Marr Kimball

Hannah Ells

Elvira Annie Cowles Holmes

Rhoda Richards

Desdemona Fullmer

Olive Grey Frost

Mary Ann Frost Pratt

Melissa Lott

Nancy Mariah Winchester

Fanny Young Murray

Mary Houston

Sarah Scott

Olive Andrews

Jane Tippets

Sophia Sanburn

Phoebe Watrous Woodworth

Vienna Jacques

Clarissa Reed Hancock

Mrs. Blossom

Mary Huston

Cordelia Calista Morley

Nancy Maria Smith

Sophia Woodman

Siblings eight siblings

Joseph Smith Murdock

Julia Murdock Smith

Frederick Granger Williams Smith

Alexander Hale Smith

David Hyrum Smith


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