Joseph Conrad
Joseph Conrad was a Polish-born English writer of adventure and espionage novels.

Full Name Joseph Teodor Conrad Korzeniowksi
Who writer
Birth Date December 3, 1857
Death Date August 3, 1924
Country England / Poland
Born Berdichev, Ukraine
Died Bishopsbourne, Kent, England, UK
Cause of Death heart failure
Education n/a
Father Apollo Korzeniowski
Mother Ewalina Bobrowska
Spouse Jessie George

John Conrad

Borys Conrad

Siblings none


Conrad was a close friend of John Galsworthy, who gave Conrad a personal loan while he was a beginning writer.

Once he had gained entrance into the exclusive world of British literature, Conrad - a genius at networking and charisma - built a star-studded circle of friends around him, and was fond of attending and at times holding literary salon-type gatherings. His fellow writing friends included Henry James, T.E. Lawrence, Bertrand Russell, Stephen Crane, Hugh Walpole, George Berhard Shaw, H.G. Wells, Arnold Bennett, Norman Douglas, Jacob Epstein, Andre Gide, Paul Valery, Maurice Ravel, Saint John Perse, Edith Wharton, and Robert Cunninghame Graham.

Conrad was a friend of anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski.

Conrad was a friend of literary salon hostess and socialite Ottoline Morrell.

Later in his writing career, Conrad was a friend and mentor of younger author Ford Madox Ford, and collaborated on a number of short stories with him.

Ramsay MacDonald offered Conrad a British knighthood in 1924, which Conrad declined.


Berdichev, Ukraine - Born here, 1857. Lived here, 1857 - 1861.

Warsaw, Poland - Lived here, 1861 - 1862.

Vologda, Russia - Family was exiled here, 1862 - 1863.

Chernihiv, Ukraine - Lived here, 1863 - 1867.

Lviv, Ukraine - Lived here, 1867 - 1869, and 1873 - 1874.

Krakow, Poland - Lived here, 1869 - 1873.

Marseille, France - Lived here, 1874 - 1886.

Sydney, Australia - Visited here, 1879 and 1892.

London, England, UK - Lived here, 1886 - approximately 1910.

Boma, Republic of Congo - Went on voyage here, 1880's.

Cardiff, Wales, UK - Visited here, 1885.

Singapore, Republic of Singapore - Went on voyage here, 1885.

Bangkok, Thailand - Visited here, approximately 1885.

Port Louis, Mauritius - Stayed here, 1888.

Zurich, Switzerland - Stayed at a medical spa here, 1891.

Zakopane, Poland - Stayed here, 1914.

Bishopsbourne, Kent, England, UK - Lived here, 1910 - 1924. Died here, 1924.

Canterbury, Kent, England, UK - Buried here, 1924.

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