Borges was a 20th Century Argentine writer of essays, poetry, short stories, and "fictional non-fiction." His writing takes on an unusually large scope, including mathematics, philosophy, history, architecture, literature, and anthropology. He is recognized to have been one of the great Spanish-language writers of all time.

Full Name Jorge Francisco Isidoro Borges
Who Writer
Birth Date August 24, 1899
Death Date June 14, 1986
Country Argentina
Born Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died Geneva, Switzerland
Cause of Death liver cancer
Education College Calvin
Father Jorge Guillermo Borges
Mother Leonor Acevedo Saurez
Siblings Norah Borges

Elsa Helena Astete Millan

Maria Kodoma


Borges was the great-great-great nephew of Francisco Narcisco de Laprida.

Borges had a complex, close relationship with Macedonio Fernandez, a family friend. They grew close beginning in 1921, and Fernandez's writing greatly influenced Borges, though he would take great pains to later deny and disguise this fact, an action borne of rivalry and jealousy between the two. The writers had numerous quarrels and falling outs.

Borges was a close friend and collaborator with Victoria Ocampo. Borges described her as the "quintessential Argentine woman."

Borges was introduced to Adolfo Bioy Casares by Ocampo in 1931. The two became close friends for the rest of their lives.

Borges was a vocal opposer of Argentine president Juan Peron. In 1946, Peron abruptly informed Borges that he was being "promoted" from his current post at the Miguel Cane Library to an inspector of poultry and rabbits at a local market. When he demanded a reason, Peron flippantly responded that as Borges sided with the Allies, "what do you expect?" Immediately, Borges resigned from all government duties, and was public in voicing his opinion, and stance against, Peron. Others in Buenos Aires praised him for his outspoken courage. He later said that for years, he would awake each morning and remember that Peron was president, and feel "deeply depressed and ashamed" for his beloved country. Borges rejoiced when Peron was forced into exile in 1955, and was rewarded for his opposition against the dictator's presidency. When Peron returned to the presidency in 1973, Borges was outraged, and again immediately resigned from his government position. After Borges' death, Peron refused to honor him in any way, despite protest from around South America.

Borges' intense hatred for Peron also extended to his wife, Eva Peron, who Borges viewed as just as much at fault for the Argentine President's horrific dictatorship as Peron himself. He once called her "a common prostitute" in an interview.


Buenos Aires, Argentina - Born here, 1899. Grew up here, 1899 - 1914. Lived here, 1921 - 1986.

Geneva, Switzerland - Lived here, 1914 - 1918. Died here, 1986.

Lugano, Switzerland - Lived here, 1918.

Barcelona, Spain - Lived here, 1918.

Palma, Spain - Lived here, 1918.

Seville, Spain - Lived here, 1918 - 1919.

Madrid, Spain - Lived here, 1919 - 1921.

Austin, Texas, USA - Visited here, 1961.

Paris, France - Often here.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA - Stayed here, 1967 - 1968.

Charlottesville, Virginia, USA - Stayed here, 1967.

Asuncion, Paraguay - Got married here, 1986.

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