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John Woodbridge was an English nonconformist pastor who emigrated to New England, and founded the town of Andover, Massachusetts.

Full Name John Woodbridge VI
Who pastor
Birth Date 1613
Death Date March 17, 1695
Country England / United States
Born Stanton Fitzwarren, Wiltshire, England, UK
Died Newbury, Massachusetts, USA
Cause of Death old age
Education University of Oxford
Father John Woodbridge V
Mother Sarah Parker Woodbridge
Spouse Mercy Dudley Woodbridge

Sarah Woodbridge Kendige

Timothy Woodbridge

Lucy Woodbridge Sparhawk

Benjamin Woodbridge

Hester Woodbridge


Sarah Woodbridge

Lucy Woodbridge Bradstreet

John Woodbridge

Benjamin Woodbridge

Thomas Woodbridge

Dorothy Woodbridge Fryer

Anne Woodbridge

Timothy Woodbridge

Joseph Woodbridge


Cotton Mather was an admirer of Woodbridge.

Woodbridge was the brother-in-law of Anne Bradstreet through his marriage to her sister, and when he returned to England from New England in 1647, he brought with him some of her writings without her knowledge, and had them published in London, making her the first female from the North American colonies to have her work published. He had strong feelings for Bradstreet's work, and was completely confident that the public would love her poetry. He stated that his only concern over dislike for the publication was likely to come from Bradstreet herself.

Woodbridge was the son-in-law of Thomas Dudley.


Stanton Fitzwarren, Wiltshire, England, UK - Born here, 1613. Grew up here, 1613 - 1631.

Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK - Attended university here, 1631 - 1634.

Newbury, Massachusetts, USA - Lived here, 1634 - 1641, and 1663 - 1696. Died here, 1696.

Andover, Massachusetts, USA - Founded this town, 1641. Lived here, 1641 - 1647.

East Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK - Visited here, 1647.

London, England, UK - Lived here, 1647 - 1663.

How Added - Through his sister-in-law Anne Bradstreet.

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