John Ridge
John Ridge, or Skahtlelohskee, was an American leader of a Cherokee tribe and one of the few Native Americans to be involved in politics.

Full Name John Ridge / Skahtlelohskee Yellow Bird
Who Cherokee chief
Birth Date 1802
Death Date June 22, 1839
Country United States
Born Calhoun, Georgia, USA
Died Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA
Cause of Death assassination - stabbed to death
Education n/a
Father Major Ridge
Mother Sehoya / Susannah Catherine Wickett
Spouse Sarah Bird Northrup
Children John Rollin Ridge


Ridge was the son of Major Ridge, and the father of John Rollin Ridge.

After being ranked at the top of his class at a school for Native American children, Ridge wrote an essay that was later presented to the president James Monroe, read by Jedidiah Morse.

Ridge was the cousin of Elias Boudinot, and attended school as a child with him. Upon their return back to their people, both Ridge and Boudinot were quickly selected as rising stars in the National Council.

John Ross was an old family friend, and Ridge grew up seeing him quite often. After becoming a member of the National Council, Ridge worked closely with Ross as a colleague.

Ridge was a friend of Albert Gallatin, and taught Gallatin about Native American culture and customs, as well as the Cherokee language. Gallatin later went on to publish two books on Native American culture thanks to Ridge's help.

In 1839, Ridge, his father Major Ridge, and Elias Boudinot were stabbed to death by fellow Cherokee tribe members for signing the removal of their people from their lands, resulting in what is now known as the "Cherokee Trail of Tears."

During his career as a politician, Ridge often met with and spoke with Andrew Jackson.


Calhoun, Georgia, USA - Born here, 1802. Grew up here, 1802 - 1819. Lived here, 1824 - 1835.

Cornwall, Connecticut, USA - Lived here, 1819 - 1824.

Washington D.C., USA - Often traveled here for political work, 1825 - 1838.

Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA - Lived here, 1835 - 1839. Was assassinated here, 1839.


People Who Were Murdered

How Found - Through Albert Gallatin.

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