Jeremiah Day
Jeremiah Day was an American academic and minister. He was President of Yale University for twenty-nine years, from 1817 - 1846.

Full Name Jeremiah Day
Who President of Yale University
Birth Date August 3, 1773
Death Date August 22, 1867
Country United States
Born Washington, Connecticut, USA
Died New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Cause of Death old age
Education Yale University
Father Rev. Jeremiah Day
Mother Abigail Noble Osborn Day

Martha Sherman Day

Olivia Jones Day

Children Sherman Day


Day was the father of Sherman Day.

Through marriage, Day was the son-in-law of Roger Sherman.

Day was one of the professors of Samuel Morse.

Theodore Dwight Woolsey, who succeeded Day as President of Yale in 1846, declared him "unquestionably" one of the best men he had ever known.


Washington, Connecticut, USA - Born here, 1773. Grew up here, 1773 - 1789.

New Haven, Connecticut, USA - Studied here, 1789 - 1795. Lived here, 1797 - 1801 and 1803 - 1867. Died here, 1867.

Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA - Taught here, 1795 - 1797.

Hamilton, Bermuda - Lived here, 1801 - 1802.

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