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Jedidiah Morse, the father of Samuel Morse, was an American geographer whose textbooks on the subject became a staple in schools across the country. He is often called "the father of American geography."

Additionally, he was a clergyman and pastor, a tutor at Yale, and established a school for ladies in New Haven in 1783.

Full Name Jedidiah Morse
Who geographer
Birth Date August 23, 1761
Death Date June 9, 1826
Country United States
Born Woodstock, Connecticut, USA
Died New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Cause of Death old age

Yale University

University of Edinburgh

Father Jedidiah Morse
Mother Sarah Childs Morse
Spouse Elizabeth Ann Finley Breese Morse

Samuel Morse

Sidney Edwards Morse

Richard Cary Morse


Morse was the father of Samuel Morse.

At Yale, Morse studied theology under Jonathan Edwards.

Among Morse's circle of friends were Noah Webster, Benjamin Silliman, and Jeremy Belknap. Webster helped Morse publish some of his first geographical books.

Morse strongly opposed the racist and sexist views of his time, and spoke openly against the Encyclopedia Britannica for describing Native Americans as "slavish" and having thicker skulls than other human beings. He organized for the top student in the class of a local school for Native American children to write an essay for him to present to president James Monroe. The top student of the school happened to be John Ridge, the future Cherokee politician.


Woodstock, Connecticut, USA - Born here, 1761. Grew up here, 1761 - 1778.

New Haven, Connecticut, USA - Lived here, 1778 - 1786, and 1820 - 1826. Died here, 1826. 

Norwich, Connecticut, USA - Lived here, 1785.

Midway, Georgia, USA - Lived here briefly, 1787.

Newton, Massachusetts, USA - Was often here, 1808.

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