800px-Jean-Jacques Rousseau (painted portrait)
Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a Swiss-French philosopher, writer and composer. He was an integral part of the Enlightenment, and greatly influenced the French Revolution, as well as future education and politics. His most famous works are Emile and Confessions.

Full Name Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Who writer
Birth Date June 28, 1712
Death Date July 2, 1778
Country Switzerland
Born Geneva, Switzerland
Died Ermenoville, France
Cause of Death cerebral bleeding / stroke
Education n/a
Father Isaac Rousseau
Mother Suzanne Bernard Rousseau
Spouse Marie Therese le Vasseur
Siblings Francois Rousseau
Children none


Rousseau was an acquaintance of Giacomo Casanova.

How Added - Was #80 on "100 Most Significant Figures in History" list by Time magazine.

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