Jane Birkin messy hair
Jane Birkin is an English actress, singer, and songwriter. She is perhaps best known for being the inspiration and namesake of the Birkin bag by Hermes. 

Full Name Jane Mallory Birkin
Who actress / singer
Birth Date December 14, 1946
Born London, England, UK
Country England
Education n/a
Father David Birkin
Mother Judy Campbell
Spouse John Barry

Andrew Birkin

at least one sister


Kate Barry

Charlotte Gainsborg

Lou Doillon


Birkin is the daughter of Judy Campbell, an English stage actress. She is also the cousin twice removed of Sophie Hunter.

Birkin met Serge Gainsborg in 1969, when he was her co-star in the film Slogan. She performed with him on the film's theme song, and through this, the two struck up a close working relationship. They released a song together later in the year called "Je t'aime... moi non plus," singing in a duet. The song shocked the general public due to its explicit sexuality, and was banned in many countries, but became a controversial hit. It became one of the most successful songs in a language other than English of all time. She later appeared in a film by Gainsborg in 1975. The two became a couple, famous for their passionate and turbulent romantic relationship. They were together for 13 years and had one daughter together. They seperated in 1980. After Gainsborg's death in 1991, Birkin became depressed and lonely, and preferred to live alone. Her following relationships failed because she was said to still be mourning Gainsborg, the love of her life.

Birkin's acquaintances and friends included Brigitte Bardot, Christopher Lee, Joan Collins, and others.

Birkin met John Barry when she was cast in his film Passion Flower Hotel in 1962. They married in 1965, and had one daughter together. The marriage ended in 1968.

Birkin was in a relationship with Jacques Doillon from about 1981 - the 1990's. They had one daughter together. However, Doillon reportedly left Birkin because he always felt that he was competing with her memory of Gainsborg.

How Added - Found her while researching Astrid Heeren.

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