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Jamestown is the capital city of the island of Saint Helena, which is ruled by the soveriegn state of the United Kingdom. It is located on the island's northwestern coastline, in between two rocky hills. It has a population of only about 750 inhabitants, but is the largest city on the island.

It was founded in 1659 by the English East India Company, and named in honor of King James II of England, who was the time still a duke. 

Jamestown is now known for its unique setting in a gorge between two hills, its colorful pastel-painted buildings, seaside views, and as the central city of Saint Helena.

People Born in Jamestown

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Jamestown in People's Lives

Napoleon Bonaparte: I was banished to this tiny, forgotten island in 1815, and landed in this city. I could not believe that I had gone from ruling the most powerful empire in the world to being simply a prisoner of this dismal place. However, my retinue and I were warmly welcomed by the citizens of this village, and I was taken to stay with the Balcombe family, who lived on an estate called Briars just outside here. The only one who spoke French was a 14 year old girl, the Balcombe's youngest daughter, Betsy Balcombe. She became my translator, and we became quite close. I lived in a pavilion in her family's garden while the house that was planned to be mine was rehabilitated. A few months later, I was moved to Longwood. After leaving, I missed this place.

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