James Cook
James Cook was a renowned English explorer, captain in the Royal Navy, navigator, and cartographer. He made the first European contact with Australia and Hawaii, circumnavigated New Zealand, made three voyages across the Pacific Ocean, and created extensive maps of previously uncharted territories. Today, he is remembered as one of the greatest explorers of all time.

Full Name James Cook
Who explorer
Birth Date November 7, 1728
Death Date February 14, 1779
Country England
Born Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, England, UK
Died Kailua, Hawaii, USA
Cause of Death clubbed on the head and then stabbed to death
Education n/a
Father James Cook Sr.
Mother Grace Pace Cook
Spouse Elizabeth Batts Cook

John Cook

Christiana Cook Cocker

Margaret Cook Fleck


James Cook III

Nathaniel Cook

Hugh Cook


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