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Jalandhar is a city in the state of Punjab in central-northern India.

Jalandhar was settled in ancient times, but information about this part of its history is scarce. The city of today became a major city of British India in the 1920's. After India gained its independence, from 1947 - 1953, Jalandhar was the capital of Punjab, until it was replaced by Chandigarh.

Today, Jalandhar is known for its architecture, rapid growth, and many temples and churches.

People Born in Jalandhar

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Jalandhar in People's Lives

Lawrence Durrell: I was born here in 1912, the son of an engineer. Both of my parents, though British, had been born and raised in India, and so as a child I was raised in a distinctly Anglo-Indian atmosphere. I was the eldest son of my parents children. I was sent to Darjeeling around 1921, around the age of 9, to attend school.

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