Isla de Providencia is an island / city belonging to Colombia, though it is closer to Nicaragua and Costa Rica. It was settled in 1631 by English Puritans, who failed so miserably in attempts to colonize and survive off the land that they were forced to turn to privateering.

Today, Isla de Providencia is known as a vacation spot, for its beautiful beaches, as the home and breeding location of rare species of crabs and seaflowers, and for having its own unique sign language. It is connected by a long footbridge to its sister island, Santa Catalina Island.

People Born in Isla de Providencia

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Isla de Providencia in People's Lives

Henry Morgan: As admiral of a pirate fleet, I sacked and took over this island in 1665. The locals surrendered, but I still had many of their establishments destroyed. After I took the city here, the Governor of Jamaica and I endeavored to establish a pirate settlement here, but due to disorganization and a lack of discipline amongst my crews, the island was easily re-captured by the Spanish later in the year. It is rumored to this day that I hid much of my treasure here, though it has never been found.

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