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Inverness is a city in the Scottish Highlands, regarded as the capital of the Highland area. It is the northernmost city in the United Kingdom. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe, and a third of the population of the entire Highland area lives within the city. It is ranked 5th on the list of British cities with the highest quality of life, 1st within Scotland. A survey conducted in 2014 found Inverness to be the "happiest" city in Scotland.

It was founded in the 5th Century - possibly before - as a Pict stronghold and has, throughout history, been considered a valuable strategic location.

Today, it is known for its beauty, waterfront, history, architecture, churches, positive atmosphere, and university.

People Born in Inverness

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Inverness in People's Lives

Michael Fassbender: I traveled here in 2011 to film scenes of the movie Prometheus

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