Ile a Vache is an island / town off the southwestern coast of Haiti. It is about 8 miles long with an area of 20 square miles. It was the first landing site of Christopher Columbus in 1492. Today, Ile a Vache is known as a popular vacation destination, primarily for people already located in Haiti or the surrounding Caribbean area. It is known for its beautiful and varied scenery, there being on the island small mountains, valleys, lagoons, beaches, mangrove forests, jungles, and swamps. It contains the largest mangrove forest in Haiti.

People Born on Ile a Vache

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Ile a Vache in People's Lives

Henry Morgan: I first came here in 1676, in order to provide my pirate crew with a bit of rest and my fleet of eleven ships with repairs. I was busy planning my upcoming raid on Cartagena for much of the visit. After plans to take this wealthy city were announced, my extensive crew became caught up in a celebration consisting of much rum and dancing. One drunk sailor accidentally set off explosives kept onboard my personal favorite ship, the Oxford. Part of the reason that I loved her so much, besides her being a beautifully designed warship, was because of the irony of her story: She had originally been given as a gift to my friend the Governor of Jamaica from England, meant for use fighting pirates like me. Instead, he gave the ship to me as a gift. Many men were killed in this disaster, and large numbers of men left afterward, seeing it as a bad omen of luck. Though I mourned the loss of my flagship, I purchased another that very night.

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