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Ian McEwan is an English writer, featured by Times magazine as among the "Top 50 Greatest British Writers Since 1945" and often on the bestseller lists.

Full Name Ian Russell McEwan
Who writer
Birth Date June 21, 1948
Born Aldershot, Hampshire, England, UK
Country England

University of Sussex

University of East Anglia

Father David McEwan
Mother Rose Lilian Violet Moore McEwan

Penny Allen

Annalena McAfee


Ernest Wort (half-brother)

David Sharp


William McEwan

one other son


In 2003, McEwan sought an audience with Tony Blair with hopes of convincing him not to go into war.

McEwan met fellow authors Saul Bellow, John Updike, Normal Mailer, and Henry Mellow while attending a master's degree program at the University of East Anglia from 1970 - 1974. This circle of writers heavily influenced and inspired him, and his writing. They remain friends today.

In 2006, a scandal ensued when McEwan was accused of plagiarism off another book with very closely similar themes, plot and writing styles. McEwan protested that he had never even heard of the book in question, and was defended by numerous authors, including John Updike, Martin Amis, Margaret Atwood, Thomas Keneally, Kazuo Ishiguro, Zadie Smith and Thomas Pynchon.

McEwan signed a petition in 2008 urging the Italian government to protect journalist Roberto Saviano from the Italian mafia.

McEwan was a close friend of Christopher Hitchens. Upon Hitchens' death in 2011, McEwan was devastated. He has since said that the loss of his friend has left "one of the biggest holes imaginable."

McEwan publically criticized Stephen Hawking in 2013 for his boycotting a conference in Israel.

McEwan is a close friend of Martin Amis. When allegations against Amis came out, purporting that he was a racist, McEwan came to his defense.


Aldershot, Hampshire, England, UK - Born here, 1948. Lived here, 1948 - 1954.

Singapore, Republic of Singapore - Lived here, 1954 - 1956.

Berlin, Germany - Lived here, 1956.

Tripoli, Libya - Lived here, 1956 - 1959.

Ipswich, Suffolk, England, UK - Attended boarding school here, 1959 - 1966.

Falmer, East Sussex, England, UK - Attended university here, 1966 - 1970.

Norwich, Norfolk, England, UK - Attended university here, 1970 - 1974.

Kabul, Afghanistan - Lived here, 1974.

London, England, UK - Lives here, 1975 - present.