Houston is the largest city in Texas and the 4th largest city in the United States. 

It was established in 1836 and named in honor of Sam Houston, a military commander and President of the Republic of Texas.

People Born in Houston

Alexis Bledel

Beyonce Knowles

Hilary Duff

Solange Knowles

Houston in People's Lives

Hanna Merjos: I visited here in 2015.

Patricia Neal: I traveled here to attend the World Fest Houston in 2009, at which I was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Sam Houston: This city was named in my honor, and I served as President of Texas for two terms, often in this city, which was then capital of the Republic of Texas. I presided over a Freemasons convention here in 1837. 

Solange Knowles: I was born here in 1986, and grew up here. My sister Beyonce and I would frequently sing together, and I was obsessed with singing, dancing, and theater. My first time singing in public was at a local amusement park here, at the age of 5. I began songwriting at the age of 9. At the age of 13, I decided to pursue earning a place in the music industry and sending recordings to record labels. My parents, however, disapproved of the idea, and convinced me to wait. I was eventually signed to a record deal at the age of 16, in 2002.

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