The Causeway in Horsham
Horsham is a town in the county of West Sussex in southeastern England, located 31 miles southwest of London.

It was first mentioned in history in 947. It was originally a horse trading town, also known in medieval times for iron and brick making.

Today, Horsham is known for its pictaresque downtown area, history, and architectural landmarks.

People Born in Horsham

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Horsham in People's Lives

Hilaire Belloc: I purchased land and a house here in 1906, situated on 5 acres of land and including a mill. I continued to write and publish fiction, poetry, and essays, with enormous success. I became one of the most celebrated figures of British literature. My wife Elodie died of influenza in 1914, and I was devastated, never remarrying. I wore mourning clothes for the rest of my life, and kept her room exactly the way that she had left it. My son Louis was killed in 1918, as a World War I pilot. I became increasingly involved in politics, even being elected to high standing positions. In 1941, at the age of 71, I suffered from a stroke. Though I recovered, I was never the same afterward, and was often in frail health. 

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