Homs, formerly known as Emesa, is a city in western Syria on the Orontes River. It is the third largest city in Syria.

It was settled around 2300 BC, based on excavations at a citadel there, which was built around that time. For thousands of years, Homs has been a key Syrian city, acting as an agricultural and trade center, as well as a defence fort due to its strategic position.

Today, Homs is sadly a different city, with many to most of her beautiful historical architecture, tree-lined avenues, and lush parks in ruins. Photos taken before and after the war show a drastic new face of the city. Though much of Homs has been destroyed beyond repair, experts remain hopeful about restoring some key sites, such as the Khaled ibn al Walid mosque. However, the city may well become abandoned for the first time in almost 4,000 years.

People Born in Homs

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Homs in People's Lives

Zenobia: After suffering a crushing defeat to the Roman army, I fled here with my lessened forces in 272. I gave frantic orders to remove the treasury, but while in the process of having my riches removed, the Romans stormed the city. I escaped the city with my son with the aid of local townspeople, but I was captured just outside it by the Emperor Aurelian. Roman forces offered my generals and men life if they would surrender, but they heroically refused, and every last one was executed. My empire had ended.

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