Hiwassee Island is a small island in the Hiwassee River in Tennessee, just above its confluence with the Tennessee River.

It was inhabited by Indian tribes, specifically the Cherokees, until the late 19th Century.

People Born on Hiwassee Island


Hiwassee Island in People's Lives

Sam Houston: After running away from a life of boredom in nearby Maryville, Tennessee, I ended up here in 1809, at the age of sixteen, and lived here with a tribe of Cherokee Indians, whom I was fascinated by. The chief of the tribe became one of my closest friends, and a major father figure in my life. He bestowed upon me the Cherokee name "Colonneh," meaning "the Raven." I learned the tribe's customs and became fluent in their language. Despite having run away to live in the wilderness as part of an Indian tribe, I still visited my family in Maryville frequently - every three months, on average. They most likely thought I was crazy. After spending three years integrated in Cherokee culture, I left this island, and my Native American life, in 1812, to return to my family.

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