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High Wycombe, often referred to as simply "Wycombe" and not to be confused with West Wycombe, is a city in the county of Buckinghamshire in southern England. It is the second-largest city in Buckinghamshire after Milton Keynes, and is located 29 miles from London.

It was first mentioned in history as "Wicumun" in 970 AD. A church was built here in 1086, and the town was given "market town" status in 1222.

Today, it is best known for its schools, historic buildings, and downtown area.

People Born in High Wycombe

Jean Shrimpton

High Wycombe in People's Lives

Keira KnightleyI traveled here in 2000 to film scenes of the movie The Hole. We filmed on location at the Royal Grammar School.

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