Herodotus was an ancient Greek historian who lived in the fifth century BC. His historical manuscripts are still widely read and studied today.

Full Name


Who Historian
Birth Date 484 BC
Death Date 425 BC
Country Greece
Born Bodrum, Turkey
Died disputed, possibly Cassano all'Ionio, Italy
Cause of Death unknown
Education n/a
Father Lyxes
Mother Dryo



In stories of the time, Herodotus met a young Thucydides while reciting his poetry at the Olympic Games. Thucydides was deeply moved by Herodotus' recital, and burst into tears at the end. After this, Herodotus approached the boy's father and said that his son "yearned for knowledge." Though the rest of their relationship is unknown, it is almost certain that they eventually grew very close. This is evidenced by the fact that they were both buried side by side in a tomb owned by Thucydides' family in Athens.


Bodrum, Turkey - Born here, 484 BC.

Samos, Greece - Visited or lived here, perhaps 480's - 460's BC.

Alexandria, Egypt - Visited here, 455 BC or later.

Tyre, Lebanon - Visited here, around 454 BC.

Hillah, Iraq - Visited here, around 454 BC.

Athens, Greece - Lived here, approximately 453 - 443 BC.

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