Hermann Hesse
Hermann Hesse was a German-born Swiss writer. He recieved the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1946.

Full Name Hermann Hesse
Who writer
Birth Date July 2, 1877
Death Date August 9, 1962
Country Switzerland
Born Calw, Germany
Died Montagnola, Switzerland
Cause of Death cerebral hemorrhage
Education n/a
Father Johannes Hesse
Mother Marie Gundert Hesse

Maria Bernoulli

Ruth Wenger

Ninon Hesse


Bruno Hesse

Martin Hesse

Heiner Hesse


Adele Gundert Hesse

Johannes Hesse Jr.


Hesse was a close friend of Theodor Heuss and Romain Rolland. The two men were some of the few friends who remained publically close to Hesse during World War I, when Hesse was labelled as "anti-war" and unpatriotic.

In 1933, Hesse aided Bertolt Brecht and Thomas Mann in their escape and self-imposed exile from Nazi Germany.

Hesse was a patient of one of Carl Jung's students, and was so impressed by the methods used, he began to study psychoanalysis himself, and became a friend of Jung's.

Though his second marriage to ex-wife Ruth was brief, through that marriage Hesse was the uncle-in-law of Meret Oppenheim.


Calw, Germany - Born here, 1877. Lived here, 1877 - 1881. Grew up here, 1887 - 1891. Worked here, 1894 - 1895.

Basel, Switzerland - Lived here, 1881 - 1887. Briefly attended school here, 1892. Lived here, 1899 - 1904.

Goppingen, Germany - Attended school here, 1887 - 1891.

Maulbronn, Germany - Attended school here, 1891 - 1892.

Bad Boll, Germany - Sent to mental institution here, 1892.

Stuttgart, Germany - Attended school here, 1892 - 1893.

Esslingen am Neckar, Germany - Briefly worked here, 1893.

Tubingen, Germany - Lived and worked here, 1895 - 1899.

Gaienhofen, Germany - Lived here, 1904 - 1912.

Genoa, Italy - Traveled here, 1911.

George Town, Malaysia - Traveled here, 1911.

Singapore, Republic of Singapore - Traveled here, 1911.

Medan, Indonesia - Traveled here, 1911.

Kandy, Sri Lanka - Traveled here, 1911.

Bern, Switzerland - Lived here, 1912 - 1919.

Minusio, Switzerland - Lived here, 1919.

Sorengo, Switzerland - Stayed here, 1919.

Montagnola, Switzerland - Lived here, 1919 - 1962. Died here, 1962.

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