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Herford is a town in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of central northwestern Germany. It is located in the Wiehen Hills, amongst the Teutoburg Forest.

It was founded by Charlemagne in 789 as a fortification to guard a ford across the River Werre.

People Born in Herford

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Herford in People's Lives

Viktoria Tolstoy: I performed a concert here in 2011, at the Forum Museum Marta.

William Penn: I traveled here in 1678, to visit the abbey of Elizabeth of the Palatinate, a princess of Westphalia turned abbess. I soon became a close friend and confidante of the elderly princess, and we both deeply respected each other. I shared many of my Quaker beliefs and theologies with her, and found her an excellently intelligent woman capable of holding fine conversation. She made confession to me at least once. After I left this town, we still wrote letters to each other. When she died in 1680, I came to pay respects at her funeral.

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