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Hepburn Springs is a small resort town in the state of Victoria in southeastern Australia. It is located in the center of the largest area of mineral springs in Australia.

It was founded as a mining town in the 1850's. In 1864, a meeting was held to petition the government to stop mining in the town, in order to protect the mineral springs. The motion was passed, and the town began to focus on becoming a boutique spa town.

Today, Hepburn Springs is a desirable and luxurious travel destination to people from around the world, known for its wealth of mineral springs, relaxed and soothing atmosphere, surrounding natural beauty, Edwardian architecture, resorts and retreats, lush forests, and beautiful hotels and cottages to stay in.

People Born in Hepburn Springs

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Hepburn Springs in People's Lives

Orlando BloomI traveled here in 2002 to film scenes of the movie Ned Kelly


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