Henry Morgan
Henry Morgan was a Welsh pirate, privateer, and admiral in the English Royal Navy, one of the most successful and ruthless privateers in history. He was later Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica.

Full Name Henry Morgan
Who pirate
Birth Date 1635
Death Date August 25, 1688
Country Wales
Born Cardiff, Wales, UK
Died Kingston, Jamaica
Cause of Death possible tuberculosis
Education none
Father Robert Morgan
Mother Rebeccah Morgan
Spouse Mary Elizabeth Morgan

Rodney Morgan

William John Morgan

James Morgan

Charles Morgan of Tredegar

Ann Morgan

Children none


Morgan worked under the privateer Christopher Myngs in 1663.


Cardiff, Wales, UK - Born here, 1635.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - Fought in a battle here, around 1655.

Kingston, Jamaica - First came here around 1655. Got married here. Was Lieuteant Governor from 1674 - 1681. Died here, 1688.

Villahermosa, Mexico - Fought a battle here, around 1663.

Trujillo, Honduras - Fought a battle here, around 1663.

Granada, Nicaragua - Fought a battle here, around 1663.

San Andres, Colombia - Took over this city, around 1665.

Campeche, Mexico - Captured ships and was made admiral here, 1655.

Isla de Providencia, Colombia - Captured this city, 1665.

Camaguey, Cuba - Captured this city, 1667.

Port Royal, Jamaica - Was often here, throughout 1660's.

Portobelo, Panama - Captured this city, 1668.

Ile-à-Vache, Haiti - Visited here and experienced a technical disaster, 1676.

Cartagena, Colombia - Planned a raid here that never took place, 1669.

Maracaibo, Venezuela - Unsuccessfully attempted to sack this city, 1669.

Gibraltar, Venezuela - Sacked this city, 1669.

Santa Catalina Island, Colombia - Captured this island, 1670.

Chagres, Panama - Captured this town, 1670.

Panama City, Panama - Captured this city, 1671.

London, England, UK - Taken here as a prisoner in 1672, released as a knight in 1674.

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