Main Street in Hazard
Hazard is a small town in eastern Kentucky, with a population of under 4,500 people.

It was established in 1824, and named after Oliver Hazard Perry. The county that Hazard lies within, Perry County, is also named in honor of the same man, a respected hero of the War of 1812. For decades, Hazard laid isolated and secluded in the mountains, and was difficult to reach. This changed with the arrival of the railroad in 1912. After this, the town experienced a boom in population and prosperity, but this all fell into decline during the Great Depression, and Hazard never regained its railroad golden age success.

Today, Hazard is known for being the birthplace of a handful of people born with a genetic mutation that makes their skin blue in color, as well as for its surrounding mountains and poverty.

People Born in Hazard

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Hazard in People's Lives

Liam NeesonI traveled here in 1988 to film scenes of the movie Next of Kin

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