Hastings is a town in East Sussex on the southern coast of England. It was first mentioned in history in the late 8th Century.

Today, Hastings is known as a relaxed seaside town. Though its dominance in the fishing market has greatly subsided, it is still the home of the largest land-based fishing fleet in England. The town has made attempts in recent years to reinvent itself with a more modern, beach resort image.

Many assume that Hastings was the location of the Battle of Hastings in 1066, but this is incorrect. It actually took place a few miles away, in the nearby town of Battle.

People Born in Hastings

Sophia Jex-Blake

Hastings in People's Lives

William the Conqueror: I chose this city as my base of operations in 1066, at the height of my Norman Conquest. I built a castle stronghold here, and favored its location on the southern coastline of England, allowing me the most direct communication with Normandy possible. There, my army and I awaited the arrival of Harold Godwinson.

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