Harry Styles is an English singer in the boy-band One Direction.

Full Name Harry Edward Styles
Who singer
Birth Date February 1, 1994
Country England
Born Redditch, Worcestershire, England, UK
Father Desmond Styles
Mother Anne Selley Cox
Sister Gemma Styles


Following Style's and fellow bandmate's stint on The X-Factor, Simon Cowell remarked favorably about them, and shortly after the show concluded, he signed them for a 2 million pound contract.

While auditioning on The X-Factor as a solo artist in 2010, but not quite making the cut, guest judge Nicole Scherzinger suggested that Styles form a boy band.

Despite finding his first success on The X-Factor, Styles and his band One Direction actually did not win the competition, or even come in as the runner-up. Singer Matt Cardle won first place, and Rebecca Ferguson was second. One Direction placed third.

Styles briefly dated English TV presenter Caroline Flack in late 2011. Their relationship sparked controversy and criticism due to their 15 year age difference. At the time, Styles was 17 and Flack was 31.

Styles dated Taylor Swift for 3 months in 2013, after meeting on the set of the show The X-Factor. Their relationship was heavily covered in the media. After their breakup, Swift was infamously seen mouthing "shut the f*ck up" during Styles speech at the 2013 VMA awards.

Styles is a good friend of Ed Sheeran, who has written songs for One Direction.

In November 2013, Styles was often seen out and about with Kendall Jenner, leading to much speculation that they were dating for a short time.


Redditch, Worcestershire, England, UK - Born here, 1994.

Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England, UK - Grew up here, 1994 - 2012.

London, England, UK - Lives here, 2012 - present.

Los Angeles, California, USA - Often here.

How Added - Through his ex Taylor Swift.

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