Beautiful Hague
The Hague is the capital of the province of South Holland in the western Netherlands, as well as the government seat of the country and the third-largest city in the Netherlands, after Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The town was established in 1230 as a hunting grounds for a wealthy count. A palace was built here in 1248.

Today, The Hague is known for its architecture, politics, modern financial district, history, waterfront, canals, quirky and innovatice art scene, justice system, and culture.

People Born in the Hague

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The Hague in People's Lives

James II of England: After being imprisoned in my birthplace of St. James's Palace in London for the Parliament for two years during the English Civil War, I escaped and fled England in disguise, in 1648. I was 17 years old at the time. While here, I heard that my father Charles I had been executed by rebel forces in 1649. Monarchists then proclaimed my older brother Charles II the king, and I thought that it would be safe to soon travel back to England. However, Charles was unable to control the crown, and soon fled to France in exile. I decided to also seek French refuge, and left for Paris.

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