Gwyneth Paltrow is an American actress, and an occasional singer and food writer. 

Full Name Gwyneth Kate Paltrow
Who actress
Birth Date September 27, 1972
Born Los Angeles, California, USA
Country United States
Education University of California, Santa Barbara
Father Bruce Paltrow
Mother Blythe Danner
Spouse Chris Martin
Siblings Jake Paltrow

Apple Martin

Moses Martin


Paltrow is the daughter of actress Blythe Danner. She is the half cousin of Katherine Moennig, and the second cousin of Gabrielle Giffords.

Paltrow dated Robert Sean Leonard from 1991 - 1992.

Paltrow was in a relationship with Brad Pitt for three years, from 1994 - 1997, after meeting while filming Se7en. It was both of their first time dating another major star. At one point, they were engaged, but this was broken off. Paltrow says that Pitt was "not ready for marriage," and was "a mess" at that point of his life. She later expressed regret for hurting him, and for making blunders with the press, not knowing how to handle a relationship that was so publicized.

Paltrow dated Ben Affleck in an on-and-off relationship from 1997 - 2000.

Paltrow briefly dated Bryan Adams in 2002.

Paltrow was in a relationship with Luke Wilson for almost a year in 2002, after meeting on the set of The Royal Tenebaums. She met her future husband a little before their relationship ended.

Paltrow first met Chris Martin in October of 2002, backstage at a Coldplay concert. They married in 2003, and have two children together, one boy and one girl. They announced their seperation in 2014, and divorced in 2015, after 12 years of marriage.

Paltrow is a friend of Iron Man co-star Robert Downey Jr. Initially, she was hesitant to accept the role, because it wasn't her usual type of movie. However, she was persuaded by Downey to accept.

Paltrow infamously does not get along with her Iron Man co-star Scarlett Johansson. After being the beautiful woman of the first Iron Man movie, Paltrow was not pleased about the introduction of Johansson as the younger, sexier woman in the sequel. Additionally, Johansson was viewed as more of a star in the movie than Paltrow, and focused on heavily, and Paltrow felt overlooked. She complained to the film bosses, threatening not to show up to press events. She made good on her word, skipping Comic-Con when every other member of the cast attended. The studio heads had to arrange future movies to avoid this problem. However, their solution - to seperate the two feuding women - did not work out well for Paltrow. She was subsequently excluded from all future Avengers movies, while Johansson continued her role among the films' stars. Johansson herself does not seem to hold any ill will for Paltrow, however, speaking favorably of her in interviews.

Paltrow collaborated with friend Jay-Z in 2006, appearing in his concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London

Paltrow hosted a Democratic fundraiser at her Los Angeles home in 2014, attended by Barack Obama.

Paltrow has been dating Brad Falchuk since August 2014.

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