Gunnedah is a town in the state of New South Wales in southeastern Australia, located in the Liverpool plains and close to the Namoi River. A major agricultural and farming hub for the country, it produces a large amount of Australia's cotton, coal, beef, lamb, pork, oilseed, and cereal. It is also sometimes called "Koala Capital of the World."

It was first settled by English sheep farmers around 1833, then called "Woolshed."

Today, Gunnedah is known for its farming, agriculture, natural and laid back atmosphere, and wildlife - particularly koalas and kanagroos..

People Born in Gunnedah

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Gunnedah in People's Lives

Miranda Kerr: I grew up here, after my parents relocated from Sydney around 1985, which would have been when I was 2 years old. I had a carefree, tomboy childhood, and enjoyed racing dirt bikes with my brother and riding horses on my grandmother's farm. I loved my life in the country, and it made me more grounded. I later reminisced of it, "There wasn't any pretentiousness and no one cared what you were wearing. You could just be you." I also began to pursue modeling, and won the Dolly Magazine modeling contest in 1997, at the age of 13. I also signed with an Australian modeling agency. My family moved to Brisbane in 2000 so that my brother and I could attend better schools and experience the contrast of city life, when I was 17.

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