Guildford is a large town in the county of Surrey in southeastern England, located about halfway between Portsmouth and London. It is home to Guildford Cathedral and the University of Surrey.

The town's history stretches back to the Celtic Bronze Age, though what type of settlement existed in Guildford at that time is unknown. A Roman villa existed at one time on the site of the town. The actual town of today was founded by the Saxons shortly after the dissolving of Roman influence in Britain.

Today, Guildford is known for its downtown area, quaint shops, cathedral, university, connection to King Arthur myths, and history.

People Born in Guildford

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Guildford in People's Lives

Hilaire Belloc: While visiting my daughter's home here, in 1953, I dozed off by her fireplace, and fell into the fire. I was badly burned, and rushed to the hospital. However, already aged and in frail health, I died here just a few days before my 83rd birthday. 

Keira Knightley: I traveled here in 2007 to film scenes of the movie The Duchess. We filmed at Clandon Hall.

Ralph Fiennes: I traveled here in 2007 to film scenes of the movie The Duchess

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