Armstrong Woods with redwood trees
Guerneville is a small town in Sonoma County in northwestern California, located on the Russian River and close to the famous redwood forests of the state. 

It was originally inhabited by the Pomo Native American Indians, who called it "Ceola," meaning "shady place." European settlement began in the 1850's, during which time the land was covered in a thick forest of enormous, ancient redwood trees. Studies have found that at that time, it had the greatest biomass density in the world. Unfortunately, the settlers that founded the town saw in this beautiful forest an opportunity for logging, and the location became one of the most busy logging towns in the North Americas. So many trees were destroyed that the town was named "Stumptown," and today only a single one of the ancient redwood trees originally growing here survives.

Today, Guerneville is known for its redwood forests, wine-tasting, liberal and free way of life, natural beauty, riverfront, and state parks.

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Guerneville in People's Lives

Jude Law: I traveled here in 2000 to film scenes of the movie A.I. Artificial Intelligence

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