Guadalajara is the capitol and largest city in the Mexican state of Jalisco. It is the 10th most-populated city in Latin America.

Guadalajara is an important part of Mexican economy, with an industry mainly comprised on manufacturing and information technology. It also hosts the annual Guadalajara International Book Fair, the 2nd largest book fair in the world, and the International Film Festival of Guadalajara.

It was established in 1543.

People Born in Guadalajara

Javier Hernandez

Lety Sahagun

Guadalajara in People's Lives

Elizabeth Gutierrez: I moved here when I was five years old, in 1984, and moved away when I was ten. Spending part of my childhood in my father's Mexican hometown instilled a deeper appreciation for my Latino heritage in me.

Javier Hernandez: I was born here in 1988, into a family very ingrained in this city and in futball. My father had been a successful footballer, and so had my grandfather on my mother's side. All of them had lived here their entire lives. I began played futball here when I was seven years old. Despite my obvious talent, my father did not push me to becomoe professional, and now says that he would never have guessed I would end up being so. I joined the Guadalajara team at the age of 9 and, in 2003 at the age of 15, I signed my first futball contract. I was scheduled, at age 17, to play in the 2005 FIFA World Championship, but an injury prevented me.

Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra: I visited Guadalajara in 1793, while in ill health, and was severely sick while here, suffering a major hemorrhage. I left to seek medical treatment in Mexico City a few months later.

Lety Sahagun: I was born here in 1990, into one of the most prominent, wealthiest families in the state of Jalisco. I grew up in a privileged, conservative environment here.

Pedro de Alvarado: In 1541, right before preparing to set off on an ambitious trade voyage to China, I recieved an urgent message from a fellow conquistador, asking that I send reinforcement immediately to help him in a battle he was fighting against native indians. I sailed to his aid, and during the battle was thrown and trampled by my horse in an accident. I was 56 years old. I was buried here, though forty years later my daughter would move my remains to Guatemala.

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