Great Missenden is a small town in the region of Buckinghamshire in south-central England. It was founded around 1113 as a monastery.

Today, it is best known as the location of Roald Dahl's country estate house.

People Born in Great Missenden


Great Missenden in People's Lives

Roald Dahl: I lived here it a quiet, charming English country cottage, from approximately 1954 - 1990. Until 1983, I split my time between this small town and the busy city of New York. However, following my divorce from Patricia Neal, I moved back to settle in this town permanently. In the 1960's, I purchased a green Romany gypsy wagon, and used it as a writing room. It was there that I wrote my book Danny, the Champion of the World in 1975. My second wife, Liccy, quit her job to move in with me here, around 1983, and we married in London a few months afterward. I continued writing novels and short stories, and became one of the most famous modern authors in the world. I turned down an offer to join the Order of the British Empire in 1986, hoping to be knighted instead. I lived here until my death in 1990. Though I passed away in Oxford, I was buried here, in the cemetary of St. Peter & St. Paul's Church. I was given, according to my beloved grandaughter Sophie, a "sort of Viking funeral," and was buried with snooker cues, expensive burgundy wine, chocolates, and pencils. 

Sophie Dahl: As a child, during my troubled mother's frantic rovings about the world, I loved to visit my grandfather, Roald Dahl, here, and found this a rare place of peace and stability in my life. I was mainly here during my childhood in the 1980's. I now happily live here with my husband and two children, and spend my days writing.

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