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Gold Coast is a city in the state of Queensland on the eastern coast of Australia. It is the second most-populated city in its state, and the sixth most-populated city in Australia. It is considered part of the Brisbane metropolitan area.

James Cook was the first European to set foot on the land here, in 1770. Settlement began around 1850, and beginning in 1875, the town became known as a luxurious summer retreat for wealthy Brisbane residents.

Today, Gold Coast is known for its beautiful beaches, skyline, skyscrapers, city lights, surfing, tourism, luxury, and beauty.

People Born in Gold Coast

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Gold Coast in People's Lives

Isabel Lucas: I traveled here in 2008 to film scenes of the movie Daybreakers. It was my first film role.

Liam Hemsworth: I traveled here in 2008 to film scenes of the movie Triangle. We filmed mainly in the Southport and Oxenford areas.


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