Gibraltar is a small town in Venezuela, located on Lake Maracaibo and close to the city Maracaibo. It was founded in 1592, but was so beset by pirate attacks over the next few decades that as of 1680, the once growing city was reduced to a tiny, mostly abandoned village.

People Born in Gibraltar

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Gibraltar in People's Lives

Henry Morgan: After suffering repeated runs of bad luck, I abandoned my plans of sacking Maracaibo and decided to instead invade this town in 1669. We successfully sacked the town, stealing its wealth and ransoming off aristocratic inhabitants. Originally, my plan had been to take Cartagena, known as one of the most wealthy cities New Spain, but circumstances had downgraded us to Maracaibo instead. Now, we were left with a tiny village in place of the luxuries of Cartagena. Sailing out of the town only to be attacked by a Spanish fleet did not improve my mood.

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