Giacomo Casanova
Giacomo Casanova was an Italian adventurer, writer, and traveler, a citizen of the Republic of Venice. Today, however, he is best remembered for his dramatic, numerous, and complicated affairs with many different women, which has now made the word "casanova" synonymous with "womanizer."

Full Name Giacomo Girolamo Casanova
Who explorer / writer
Birth Date April 2, 1745
Death Date June 4, 1798
Country Italy
Born Venice, Italy
Died Duchcov, Czech Republic
Cause of Death old age
Education University of Padua
Father Gaetano Casanova
Mother Zanetta Farussi
Spouse none

Francesco Giuseppe Casanova

Giovanni Battista Casanova

Faustina Maddalena Casanova

Maria Maddalena Antonia Stella Casanova

Gaetano Alvise Casanova

Children unknown


When a young Casanova met Pope Benedict XIV, he boldly requested dispensation to be allowed to read "forbidden books," and to be excused from eating fish, on the grounds that they inflamed his eyes.

Casanova associated with many luminaries and great names of his age. He was acquainted with Jeanne du Pompadour, Jean le Rond d'Alembert, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Albrecht von Haller, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and many others.

Voltaire was a friend of Casanova's, though they got into a publishing feud later in life, around 1778.

Casanova witnessed and wrote about seeing Robert-Francois Damiens executed in 1757.

Casanova met the Comte de St. Germain several times, the first being in Paris in 1757. He was very impressed, and became an immediate admirer of St. Germain, who influenced him deeply.

Casanova met Pope Clement XIII in 1760, when the pope presented him with the Papal Order of the Eperon d'Or.

Around 1765, Casanova traveled to Germany and Russia to attempt to sell the idea of a massive national lottery to monarchs (which he had had great success with in France). He pitched the idea to Frederick the Great and Catherine the Great, but both turned the lottery scheme down.

Casanova got into a duel with Franciszek Ksawery Branicki in Warsaw in 1766, over an Italian actress that both men had fallen for. Using pistols, both were injured, Casanova in the hand. Doctors recommended that he amputate his entire hand, but he refused, and it ended up healing. For the duel, he was thrown out of Warsaw.

Casanova was expelled from France by the order of Louis XV himself in 1767, mainly because on his last visit, he had tricked a female courtier into believing that he was a magician who could change her into a handsome young man, using occult methods. 

Casanova met Charles III of Spain in 1767, attempting to charm and befriend him. 

Casanova met Benjamin Franklin on a visit to Paris in 1783, where both men were attending a presentation of aeronautics and future transportation by balloon. 

Casanova met and befriended Lorenzo da Ponte, the famous librettist for Mozart, in 1787. Though the two men were friends, Casanova sometimes went too far, even suggesting edits to Mozart's compositions. Ponte later wrote of him that Casanova "never liked to be wrong."

Casanova was an acquaintance of Mozart, and even sent in some writing for an opera about his life that he suggested Mozart create.

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