Tanjung Bungah
George Town is the capital city of the state of Penang in northwestern Malaysia. It is located on Penang Island, and is the second-largest metropolitan area in the country.

The city was founded in 1786 by the British East India Company, and soon grew to become a booming and profitable British colony. It was named in honor of King George III

Today, George Town is known for its exotic beauty, waterfront, skyline, diverse culture blending Chinese, British, and Malay heritage, history, temples, markets, crowded shopfronts, famously quirky street art, and island location.

People Born in George Town

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George Town in People's Lives

Hermann Hesse: I traveled here in 1911, on a trip in which I sought a temporary break from my strained marriage, and to find Eastern spirituality. However, I was only disappointed by the strong colonialism that I found here.

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