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Galveston is a city close to the eastern border of Texas, considered a part of the Houston metropolitan area.

The first European contact with the area was in 1528, when Cabeza de Vaca and his crew were shipwrecked here and named the land Isla de Malhado, or, Isle of Doom. The first permanent settlement here was in 1816, by pirate Louis-Michel Aury, though the city was not officially founded until 1839.

Today, Galveston is known for its relaxed beauty, waterfront, piers, amusement park, and resorts.

People Born in Galveston

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Galveston in People's Lives

Sam Houston: I traveled here in 1861, and was beset by a crowd demanding an explanation for my reasons of, despite professing my loyalty, refusing to fight for the Confederacy, or support the South going to war with the North. From a hotel window, I made a speech to the crowd below, saying that war would mean much bloodshed and sorrow. I also owned a home here, my favorite of all my houses.

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