G.K. Chesterton, 1909
G.K. Chesterton was an English writer, philosopher, poet, journalist, orator, theologian, literary critic, art critic, and dramatist. He was best known for his witty series of mystery stories, featuring a priest-detective.

Full Name Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Who writer
Birth Date May 29, 1874
Death Date June 14, 1936
Country England
Born London, England, UK
Died Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
Cause of Death congestive heart failure
Education University College London
Father Edward Chesterton
Mother Marie Louise Grosjean Chesterton
Spouse Frances Blogg
Siblings Cecil Chesterton
Children none


George Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells were Chesterton's closest friends. The three men often shared opinions and fast-paced conversations together, and though they often disagreed, they enjoyed having intelligent debates and verbal sparring. Chesterton and Shaw played cowboys together in a silent film that was never released.

Chesterton was a friend of Hilaire Belloc, and illustrated many of Belloc's books for him.

Among Chesterton's other friends were Bertrand Russell, Clarence Darrow, J.M. Barrie, and others.

Chesterton's acquaintances included P.G. Wodehouse. 

Chesterton was an early supporter of Alfred Dreyfus, but in later years considered himself to be against Dreyfus. Arguably, this was due to Dreyfus' Jewish heritage: Chesterton controversially wrote his Jewish characters in a stereotypically negative light.

How Added - Through his friend Hilaire Belloc, who was added via his acquaintance John Scott-Ellis.

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