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Fredericton is the capital of the province of New Brunswick in far-eastern Canada, located on the Saint John River. Though it is the capital, it is only the third-largest city in New Brunswick, after St. John and Moncton.

Formerly inhabited by the Mi'kmaq and Maliseet native indians, who had their capital in this area and used the land as a major corn-growing site, the first Europeans in the area were the French, in the late 17th Century. The town was established as Fort Nashwaak around 1689.

Today, Fredericton is known for its riverfront, boating, surrounding lush forests, music - especially jazz and blues, art, festivals, and quality of life. 

People Born in Fredericton

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Fredericton in People's Lives

Max Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook: I attended the University of New Brunswick Law School here in 1897, but very quickly decided that higher education was not for me. Nevertheless, I always remained proud of my alma mater, and later became one of its most influential and generous benefactors. I dropped out within the year, and moved off-campus to the Chatham neighborhood of this city. Already working hard in a shop but still unable to pay the bills, I had to borrow money in order to move. I then got a job as a local correspondant at the Montreal Star. Eager to bring in money, I also worked as an insurance salesman and a debt-collector. In 1898, I took on a job as an associate at the law firm of Richard Bedford Bennet, and helped him with a campaign to earn a place on the council of the Chatham neighborhood. He won, and left the firm; he had been so instrumental to me, I decided not to stay without him. Bennet would later go on to become Prime Minister of Canada. I moved to St. John in 1898. After I died in 1964, my ashes were transported here at my request.

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