By Franz Xaver Winterhalter, 1843
Francois d'Orleans was a French aristocrat of the royal bloodline, the son of the last King of France, and an admiral of the French Navy.

Full Name Francois Ferdinand Phillippe Louis Marie d'Orleans, Prince de Joinville
Who Admiral of the French Navy
Birth Date August 14, 1818
Death Date June 16, 1900
Country France
Born Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
Died Paris, France
Cause of Death old age
Education unknown
Father Louis Philippe I
Mother Maria Amalia of Naples & Sicily
Spouse Francisca of Brazil

Ferdinand Philippe, Duke of Orleans

Louise, Queen of the Belgians

Marie, Duchess Alexander of Wurttemberg

Louis, Duke of Nemours

Clementine, Princess August of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha

Charles, Duke of Penthievre

Henri, Duke of Aumale

Antoine, Duke of Montpensier


Francoise, Duke of Chartres

Pierre, Duke of Penthievre


In 1838, while serving as a lieutenant, d'Orleans organized and commanded a landing party and took Mariano Arista prisoner personally, an act that won him widespread recognition and admiration, hailed as a hero upon his return to France.

In 1840, now promoted to a captain, d'Orleans was given the task of transporting the remains of Napoleon Bonaparte from St. Helena to France.

D'Orleans married Francisca, Princess of Brazil in 1843 at a ceremony in Rio de Janeiro, making him the brother-in-law of Pedro II of Brazil.

D'Orleans was a known strong critic of Francois Guizot and the ministry that he stood for.

Despite his impressive service with the French Navy, after the last abolishment of French monarchy, d'Orleans was exiled from France, and spent time in the United States and England. He returned under a false name in 1870 and served as a colonel under Louis d'Aurelle de Paladines. After recieving high praise for his bravery, he revealed his true identity and requested that he be allowed to serve France again. However, he was arrested and deported back to England.


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