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Princess Francisca of Brazil was a member of the Brazilian royal family, the daughter of Emperor Pedro I of Brazil, and Princess of Brazil. She married Francois d'Orleans, the son of the last King of France.

Full Name Francisca of Brazil
Who Princess of Brazil
Birth Date August 2, 1824
Death Date March 27, 1898
Country Brazil
Born Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Died Paris, France
Cause of Death old age
Education n/a
Father Pedro I of Brazil
Mother Maria Leopoldina of Austria
Spouse Francois d'Orleans

Maria II of Portugal

Pedro II of Brazil

Januaria of Brazil


Francoise, Duke of Chartres

Pierre, Duke of Penthievre


Francisca married Francois d'Orleans in 1843, at a ceremony in Rio de Janeiro.

Through her mother, Francisca was the granddaughter of Franz II, Holy Roman Emperor, and the niece of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Upon her first arrival in Paris in 1844, Francisca's portrait was painted by both Ary Scheffer and Franz Xavier Winterhalter.

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