474px-Saint Francis of Assisi by Jusepe de Ribera
Francis of Assisi, also known as St. Francis, was an Italian preacher and friar. He was an influential religious figure in medieval Italy, founded the Catholic Franciscan Order, and was pronounced a saint in 1228, only two years after his death. Today, he is one of the two patron saints of Italy, the other being Catherine of Siena.

Full Name Giovanni "Francesco" di Pietro di Bernardone of Assisi
Who friar
Birth Date 1181
Death Date October 3, 1226
Country Italy
Born Assisi, Italy
Died Assisi, Italy
Cause of Death trachoma
Education -
Father Pietro di Bernardone
Mother Pica de Bourlemont
Spouse none
Children none


In 1219, while accompanying a crusading army into Egypt, Francis had an audience with Al-Kamil, the Sultan of Egypt and a nephew of Saladin. He attempted to convert the sultan and his court with a sermon. While this was unsuccessful, Francis was well recieved and allowed to leave unharmed.

Francis met Anthony of Padua in 1223. He had been fearing the members of the order he founded had began to turn away from poverty and stray into worldliness, was reassured by Anthony's devout example, and the two men became friends and deep admirers of each other's teachings. Anthony looked up to Francis, who had been his hero long before he met him. In 1224, Francis made Anthony in charge of training new friars to the order.

Francis was pronounced a saint in 1228 by Pope Gregory IX, a former friend of his, 2 years after his death.

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