Bass Hall and downtown Fort Worth
Fort Worth is a city in northeastern Texas. It is the fifth-largest city in its state, and the 17th largest in the United States. It is located on the Trinity River 32 miles from Dallas.

It was established as an army outpost in 1848, during the Mexican War. It was nearly abandoned during the Civil War, with the population dropping to below 175 inhabitants, but during the later years of the Reconstruction it gradually grew prosperous once again.

Today, Fort Worth is recognized as one of the prominent cities of Texas and of the American South. It is known for its metropolitan atmosphere, skyline, southern "cowboy" flair, downtown area, business, modern architecture, arts, museums, parks, botanical gardens, and education.

People Born in Fort Worth

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Fort Worth in People's Lives

Lottie Deno: I was often here during my years as a notorious gambler, in the 1870's.

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